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Thread: iPad Flight Recording Apps

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    iPad Flight Recording Apps

    Does anyone know of iPad/iPhone applications for flight recording and post flight analysis, specifically for use with student pilots?

    We have tried a couple of different apps and would like to know about any others before making a purchase, one of the better ones we have used is AeroFlare; it records and analyzes landings and landing performance as well as recording x-Country flights. We find this useful for student solos in the pattern and cross country flights because we can debrief with the student afterwards and see what speed, altitude, attitude, and location the plane was in throughout the flight. Initial reactions are very positive.

    Thank you!

    Reference: AeroFlare iTunes (

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    I have been using Cloudahoy ( As far as I know, it doesn't do the glideslope analysis like Aeroflare. (It might, but I haven't been looking for that feature.) It does excellent analysis of all sorts, including 3D profile using google earth, it can figure out the different segments of flight, like taxi, takeoff, cruise, descent and landing, and color codes them. You can replay the flight using map mode or view thru the cockpit window. A real neat feature is that you just hit start on the iPhone when you start the engine, and it will give you the block time (takeoff to landing) separating it out from taxi. This is useful for pilot-owned airplanes that may not have a hobbs meter, multi-engine pilots whose hobbs only records time in flight. Very precise logging of altitude, course, and airspeed. Works well with the internal GPS, but works best with a bluetooth one, like the Dual. Using the internal GPS can reduce iPhone battery life to little more than and hour, while using a bluetooth gives significantly longer life -- useful in a cross country.

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    Air nav pro is really good.

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