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Thread: Starting my flight training tomorrow!

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    Rolls Eyes Starting my flight training tomorrow!

    I am finally going to get it started. Completed my ground school and I am starting my Sport Pilot Flight Training tomorrow. Looks like great weather for a flight and I probably will be too excited to sleep much tonight! I will be starting off in a GOBOSH for now. Ultimate goal is a classic taildragger to fly low and slow and enjoy the scenery. Nt much to say other than I am totally stoked!

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    Good Luck! And have fun too.....
    Bob Leffler
    RV-10 Flying

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    thank you!

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    Way to go man! Let us know if you have any questions....
    Or, keep us posted as to your progress - we wanna share the joy!

    65LA out of 07N Pennsylvania

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    I envy you, everything is new and exciting. I remember way back in my flight training, when getting checked out in a bigger plane like a Skyhawk or Warrior was fun, challenging and exciting. Enjoy all your flight training, even though there will be ups and downs along the way. Learn the basics of stick and rudder well, and they'll keep you and your passengers safe.
    Keep us posted along the way.
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    Outstanding! Welcome to the club. Have fun, be safe and, don't give up.

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    Excellent! Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Best of luck and enjoy the journey!
    Brent Owens
    RV-8 'Contrary Mary' - Flying

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    That's great! Let us know how it goes.

    When the time comes, you'll love flying those classic taildraggers. You'll become a better pilot too.
    Classic airplanes at historic Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, OH:

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    I have flown a Gobosh once. It is kind of a cool looking plane. It has a stick and a bubble canopy.
    Once caution point, it makes a great greenhouse and will really cook you on a sunny day, so wear sunscreen, a hat and of course protect your eyes with good sunglasses.

    Make sure to slow down enough on short final for landing, no more than 1.3 VSO. Coming in too fast and floating a long way is a common problem, and it is easy to get it a little sideways on approach. Make sure to keep the nose pointing right down the centerline.
    If stall speed Vso is 40k, then you might want a speed on short final of 52 knots.

    Enjoy these days, they are some of the best you will have flying even if you go on to fast and hot planes.
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