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Thread: Getting Money to Complete My Flight Training

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    Getting Money to Complete My Flight Training

    Right now I am a full-time high school sophomore as well as a student pilot. I am based in Burlington, WI, and flying out of 5K6. So far, I have completed 15 of the 40 hours I need. However, with rising maintenance costs for airplanes, each flight lesson is costing me around $170. Until this point, I have managed to find money through various jobs and projects, but the cost has caught up to me and I am no longer able to complete my flying lessons.

    I have been paying for my flight lessons at the Westosha Flying Club, but I must pay $55 monthly, $50/hr for my flight instructor, and $70/hr for the 152. Do you guys have any advice on how to get more money to complete my training? Currently my written exam is scheduled for February the 15th so that I can try to earn a scholarship, but I have already applied for many others and had no luck. I set up this website to try to get donations, but I have not had any luck with that either. I am really desperate for funds as I don't have anything left. I appreciate your advice.


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    Sell drugs or go to Vegas.....Kidding, I'm kidding, really kidding. Just a little humour before the serious stuff.

    You seem to be lucky to have started and paid for lessons at the age of 16. However, you have entered the Twilight Zone of flight instruction like so many before you--running out of money before completion which will likely end up costing you much more in the long run when you return to it. Before I started my PPL after finishing university(a hundred years ago when a 172 was $17/hr solo wet), I was given some sage advice by a very wise instructor. He said, don't start unless you have full funding now or guaranteed ongoing funding for at least a year. He said fly at least 1 hour a week, 2 preferred, get your license within 1 year and do it at an uncontrolled field. If you follow this advise you will save lots of money and time. He was right.

    I read your personal and gofundme sites, you appear to be a bright, smart, resourceful, determined kid with goals and aspirations and realize that working to earn a buck is a good thing...good on you! You're also tech and social media savvy(what 16 year old today isn't?).

    So let's see, what can you do: You can ask your parents or a close relative for a loan(if that's doable) and put reasonable terms and conditions for repayment in writing and everyone signs off. You could try to find another part-time job with enough hours per week that doesn't interfere with school. You could use another crowdfunding site like the very popular Kickstarter. It's usually looking for "creative projects" not self-serving ones, so you'd have to be extremely creative in your presentation and pitch. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I live by. Also, once you find the funds, you need to continue your instruction at a different place that is uncontrolled--more time and money spent in the air not on the ground waiting for clearances. Perhaps there you could barter lineboy duties for flight instruction. As a student pilot you don't need to belong to a flying club, there is no benefit other than saving a couple of dollars per hour for the plane which is going to be far less in savings than the $55/month your wasting which could go to flight time.

    If it doesn't work out in the near future then wait till you finish universty and begin a full-time career. And for heavens sake do not get married before you finish your PPL!!! Good luck and all the best to you as you continue to follow your dream to slip the surly bonds of earth.

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