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Thread: F4U Corsair comes inside from the elements for a restoration.

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    F4U Corsair comes inside from the elements for a restoration.

    Good evening everyone! Saw this come up on the feeds tonight:

    "The long-neglected Curtiss hangar at Sikorsky Memorial Airport, which has seen the likes of Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh, may yet have its best days ahead.The reason is the Corsair fighter plane that for three decades adorned the entrance to Sikorsky Memorial Airport might find the 84-year-old hangar as its next home.
    The hopeful group of volunteers operating the Connecticut Air and Space Center, now busily restoring the Corsair and other aircraft, say that the Curtiss hangar, on the Main Street side of the airport, would make the perfect home for the center's planned aviation museum, which would include other displays on the state's contributions to powered flight."

    Read more:

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    CASC Director Drew King and volunteer curator Christopher Soltis are good guys doing great things with that Corsair project (and the entire facility there). There's a lengthy discussion about it with quite a few photos in this thread on the Warbird Information Exchange if anyone is interested in learning more: http://warbirdinformationexchange.or...p?f=26&t=39495


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