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Thread: Advice needed on airport restriction rewording

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    regarding whether ultralights may use airports and 'oh we do it this way here" ----consider AC 90-66 before inventing a square wheel.

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    I can see a yellow no radio Cub moving 40kts but it is really really hard to see a green ultralight that has an open tube fuselage when the color of the wings almost matches the summer grass
    There's a reason why the ultralight I logged most of my time in was Day-Glo orange. LOL
    Unfortunately in science what you believe is irrelevant.

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    Fly on! This rule was probably put in affect when flying lawnchairs with leafblower engines were the norm. UL's of today are sophisticated, well engineered aircraft. Many of which outfly my Pober Junior Ace. Speed and manueverability is not the issue, it's perception. I say challenge them. Go fly at the airport. Whose going to run you off or cite you and, for what?

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    At my airport ultralights fly the pattern on the opposite side of the field from everyone else. They also have a certain spot in the grass they land on. It works well.

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