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Thread: 2si 690-L70

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    2si 690-L70

    Hello to everyone

    I am looking at buying an aircraft pretty soon and I am just trying to cover all my bases before I commit to a purchase.

    I have two main questions concerning a 04 Challenger II.

    First, does anyone know if an ELSA with a 2 stroke international 690-L70 engine be insured? I know does not build engines for aircraft use, but it is an experimental aircraft.

    Second, if the previous owner modified the aircraft by putting an LSA tail (which has a taller vertical stabilizer), does the aircraft have to be re-certified or would a conditional annual inspection suffice? According to FAR part 61, an experimental certificated aircraft does not apply to the normal rules on aircraft alterations.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Quick check of the Challenger website - they don't sell an ELSA. So what it might be is a "fat ultralight" that went through the process of getting an N-number and ELSA airworthiness certificate. Problem is, ALL of those AW certs have expired. So if it is an ELSA with expired AW cert, then it's parts, not an aircraft legal for flight. Sorry. Check the airworthiness certificate of that airplane. If it has an expiration date that is in the past, it's not legal and can't be made legal. Parts.

    Another possibility, though, is it has an E-AB airworthiness certificate. In that case, for the tail mod, check the log book that there was some documented flight testing. Another thing to check are the Operating Limitations. This is a document that the inspector issues with the AW cert when it's inspected. This will have a paragraph describing the process for documenting test of major modifications.

    You will be able to get liability insurance through USUA, if gross weight is 1150 lbs or less (I couldn't find gross weight of a C II on their website, but with the engine choices listed, it's most likely in the 1000-1100 lbs range). This is liability only, doesn't cover a passenger, and hull (vehicle value) is also not covered. "Real airplane" insurance companies probably wouldn't touch it. But if you need liability to put it at an airport or in a hangar, going through USUA is not difficult or all that expensive (~$500/year or less, depending on weight).
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    Actually There was an ELSA......

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