Everyone knows how hard it can be to find good aviation businesses for a good price, and after reading lots of negative reviews on places... why not some positive ones? Post places you love to rent, buy, or get instruction from.

I've got two I'd like to put up:

Zone Aviation - KLPR

I've rented 4 times from them. They've got a pretty new fleet, all glass cockpits, and a nice CTLS LSA can be had for just over $100/hr. The instructors are friendly - they'll let you borrow a headset if you forget yours, like an amateur - and their online scheduler is nicely done. Their aren't a lot of low-cost options in northern Ohio, thankfully this is a good one.

Riter Aviation - KTOA

Rob Riter owns and rents his fleet of admittedly old ships: a C150, C172, a Warrior, an Archer, and a Seneca II. Most have GPS installed and he still has the lowest prices in the LA area. It's also a great place for the camaraderie and "flying club" feel that's one of the best parts of aviation. Though one pilot there once told me diplomatically that "flying here keeps you up on your emergency procedures" you couldn't really ask for better service and nicer people than I've found here. And old plane smell is a good smell.

Who else has done business at great places?