I just wanted to post a quick and hearty "thank you" to those of you have posted in a couple of threads here about suggestions for new topics. We're paying very close attention to those, and have some clear ideas about what additions we might make, etc.

Having said that, I want to set your expectations that it might be a while before we make any changes there - first off, we want (need) to make sure that we've addressed any functionality issues and other site-wide fixes / updates first. Second, we want to avoid the temptation to create a bunch of new topic areas and run the risk of diluting the conversations and displaying a bunch of empty boards, etc. Philosophically, we're consciously erring on the side of fewer, broader topics until we really get the activity ramped up, more users involved, etc. There will be a pretty big email push to that end in the fairly near future...

In the meantime, please keep any and all suggestions coming, and accept all of our ongoing thanks for all of you that have jumped in with both feet and made this transition to the new forum platform a painless and enjoyable one!

- Hal