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Thread: Plans of the C.O. 750 Beryl needed

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    Plans of the C.O. 750 Beryl needed


    I need plans of the C.O. 750 Beryl.

    In an old catalog I found the address, phone and email of Sylvia Littner, put the email does not work or the phone number.

    Does anyone know where to buy these plans?


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    Hello all,

    Doing a web search I found her new email:

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    I hope you get the plans and build it. I think the C.P. 750 is one of the prettiest homebuilts out there yet seldom seen and if I were to start another project, that would be it.

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    Also, be sure to visit the "Emerauders" Yahoo group located at (Don't ask why we're on the Asia Yahoo group - we just ended up there somehow???)

    We have several Beryl owners and builders in the group and Sylvie gets on there occasionally to answer questions.

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