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Thread: Hangar interior plans needed

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    Hangar interior plans needed

    I'm planning to build a hangar and am looking for ideas for the interior build out. The building will be 100' wide and 68' deep. I plan to take 20' of the 100 and build out a shop/office/man cave/dog house. So I'll have a 20x68 2-story space to play with. There will be an inset balcony on the 2nd floor that will take up ~10x20. I've worked up some ideas but they are all pretty pedestrian as my mind doesn't go down the Better Homes and Garden path easily. I'd appreciate anyone sharing floorplans of hangars regardless of dimensions. Thanks.
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    If you are where it gets cold in winter put in a hot water heated concrete floor. I did in my barn/shop/apartment & I love it. The only downside is it takes a while to respond (both heating up & cooling down) but it stays nice & comfy even if the power goes out or if I have to open the big overhead door.

    I did a 6" floor, what I did was somewhat unorthodox but I ran a trench next to the dividing wall between the shop & apartment to put all my plumbing in. I then ran U shaped sections of 1 1/2" pvc conduit extending from the trench to maybe 8" inside the other side of the concrete floor, and after the floor was poured I put the 3/4" pex in those (pulled it thru with an electrician's fish tape). I lose a little heat transfer doing that but if there is ever a leak I only have to replace a ~40' section of pex and I don't have to bust up the floor.

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    Here's an in-construction photo of a project a friend had done recently... sounded similar to what you want to do.Ground floor is a kitchen, 2 offices and a restroom / shower. Upper balcony level and a storage room.

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    I have a 40 foot wide and 50 foot deep hangar. I built this apartment in the back for my wife and kiddo so they could be comfortable while I mess around in the hangar. Notice the wife's influence with all the closets. It's about 39 feet across and 18 deep.

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    I have a 60'X70' hanger with a two story two bedroom, one and a half bath apartment in he rear. The apartment is 12'X44' and is very comfy. All of the interior of the apartment has stained pine tongue and groove to cover the walls and ceilings. This material is relativly easy to install versus wallboard. It is also better looking and you can nail/hang anything you want in it without affecting the appearance. It also never needs painting and insulates very well. It will never show handprints or other mars you can get with wallboard. I have a propane fireplace in the downstairs living area. The two bedrooms are upstairs with a half bath. You can run the propane fireplace for a short period of time and it will roast you out of the place. The upstairs only requires some small electric space heaters for heat after you run the fireplace for a little while. I have a small hot water heater on the gound floor in a small room underneath the stairs going to the second floor. I have never run out of hot water even with four or five people taking showers one after another. You just turn it off when you leave for awhile and it doesn't use much energy. Since the apartment is only 44' you have plenty of room for a shop area with an outside door in the back. My wife and I with another couple built the whole thing with some help from an experienced carpenter who designed it and drew the plans and materials list. Don't have any drawings or anything but I will be glad to send you pictures which should help a lot in visualizing what you might want to do.

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    I would like to see some pictures. Could you post them here so we can all see them?


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