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Thread: Making a Zodiac HDS seat more comfortable

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    Making a Zodiac HDS seat more comfortable

    Hello all,

    I am considering buy a Zodiac HDS, but was test flying one yesterday and found the seat very hard on my back. Basically, it had to be lowered a bit so my head wouldn't hit the canopy (and I am not that tall - 5'10" or so). But the lowering is accomplished by just the lower part of the seat moving down, causing my butt to be in the bottom of a V shaped seat. This was hell on my lower back. I've thought about just putting a pillow behind me for some lumbar support, but are there any other tricks people have used to solve this problem?

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    If I recall correctly, Oregon Aero has seats for the Zodiacs that are not only comfortable but also are fairly decent quality. If not, I bet they could build one for you.
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    Awesome, I will have to check them out. Will probably take me forever to install them, though, as I am a bit lacking in this kind of thing

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    You can just take the seat to an auto/boat upholstery shop, get some foam of the proper density and carve it to a comfortable shape then have some seat covers made. It's not overly complicated and shouldn't be expensive uness you go with a big name, like oregon aero.

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