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Thread: EAA Chapter 15 Young Eagles beginnings

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    EAA Chapter 15 Young Eagles beginnings

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach combined chapter YE Event? I am the Chapter 15 YE Coordinator and am looking to get some more traction to continued YE flights (our first event is tomorrow!!!!!), but I believe that a combined chapter effort might be the best approach.

    I am also open to any promotional ideas right now...

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    Joint YE event

    Have you discussed this with the Chapter(s) you would like to join with? Hopefully there are pilots in the other chapters who would like to fly YEs and be willing to participate in your events. You could offer to organize events at their location, and have your chapters pilots participate there as well.

    As far as promotion: see if you can find some local teachers who you can inform about your events - and encourage them to share with other teachers as well as their students (and ask if you can add them to your email list). My wife is a teacher, but the School District would not let me blast an email to all the teachers (they were afraid it would look like the School System was a sponsor - a lame excuse IMHO, but it is what it is).
    Boy/Girl scout troops are another good source of kids - and they have aviation badges that the kids can earn as well.

    I send out a notice to my chapter's member email list, and I also ask folks at events if they want to be on my list. I tell everyone to send it to anyone they thing might be interested. I have an excel spreadsheet with the list, and cut/paste the emails into the email. I send the email to myself and use the BCC field for all the recipients, so you are not blasting everyone's email address to the whole list.

    When you apply for EAA insurance for your event, it will ask if you want to post to the EAA calendar. I also post my events on the AOPA calendar.

    After a while, kids who come tell other kids, and parents tell other parents and your events will grow. Then you really need pilots... :-)

    Dennis Glaeser
    EAA Chapter 13

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