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    Owner Maintenance

    Have just acquired a 1946 Aeronca Chief and hope to do the maximum amount of legal owner maintenance on it. I am aware of the concept of doing whatever amount of "grunt work" acceptable to my A&P. I am, however, interested inThe practical limitations used by members of the forum, particularly vintage aircraft owners. Will appreciate any insight you can provide.

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    First off, read Part 43 Appendix A for the list of things you can do your self. This includes oil changes and a number of other things (bulbs, fabric patches, etc...).
    The rest is whatever your A&P and you are comfortable with. While it's more involved than the Chief, my wife did most of the grunt work on the annual on the navion. Open up all the access panels, repack the wheel bearings, take out the seats and interior panels, etc... and put it all back together. I've done all the installation on a new ELT, etc and removed and replaced the prop. I've seen owners working under supervision replacing cylinders.

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