Just thought I would like to share with you an exciting event held her in New Zealand last weekend. I was priveliged to be involved as a tutor for the NZ Sport Aircraft Association's first "pre-build" course for prospective homebuilders. I know EAA has been running similar programmes in the US, but its a big thing for us here in NZ. We were very encouraged that 21 people attended the course, held at North Shore Airfield (NZNE) in Auckland. Considering SAA National membership is about 550 total (Not bad for a small country) to get that many at a course who are about to leap off into aircraft construction is a very healthy sign. I took the theory presentation covering legislation, project organisation, aircraft hardware and standard safety practice, then we moved over the airfield to a hangar where we had small group introduction to wood and metal construction techniques. Being only a 1 day course it was by nature very much introductory level only, but we hope to run longer, more specific seminars in the future now that we know there is some interest.
some pictures from the day:
Name:  Prebuild 1.jpg
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Size:  86.4 KBMetal aircraft group being instructed by Kevin Paulsen, with a locally based brace of Corby Starlets in the Background
Name:  Prebuild 2.jpg
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Size:  94.0 KBWood aircraft group with Mike Tunnicliffe (in black hat), whose day job is building De Havilland Mosquito airframes for a number of local projects
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Size:  85.4 KBKevin and the Metal group discuss rivetting techniques
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Size:  86.8 KBMike Talks wood
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Size:  88.0 KBVisiting homebuilts - Bill Izard brought his Wittman W8 to attend the course, and Europa CHV was flown in by SAA NZ President Bill Sisley, who dropped in to meet and encourage the new builders.