I am trying to locate a Glasair I that was abandoned in a private hangar at Chino (CNO) airport in Southern California in 1999. The airport administration has no record of the airplane, and there have been no official liens placed against it during the entire 13 year period. The plane was left at a private maintenance facility for routine service, but the name of the facility and the exact details of which hangar are no longer available.

If anyone is regularly based at CNO and has the ability to assist please contact via email below. There is a $100 reward for any information that leads to the determination of the final disposition of this aircraft. It is expected you would need to walk around the hangars NE of the tower and ask anyone who is physically present if they knew of the aircraft, and place flyers on the hangars where the owners were not available.

If you have the ability to help, please email supachais@rocketmail.com for the tail number and what few additional details are available.