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Thread: $3.00 for a bottle of water! EAA should be ashamed.

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    We'll, I am sure that they are and I am glad of that, I am not against EAA having facilities on government grounds, but I am merely noting how EAA is now on the prowl to get a "piece of the action" in everything they can and I am concerned about what all this "non-profit" goes too. Seems to be a lot of "programs" that have big appetites.

    Regarding Compass Hill and the Memorial Wall, I have family and friends on that wall and I think it is a great place to visit each year when I return to AirVenture for reflection and solace. However, Compass Hill is in neglect, in my "humble" opinion. The pathways are in need of more gravel and a lot of black plastic is visible under the mulch and reading the stone placards on the pathway is difficult as they seem weathered. I know what you are thinking. Make a donation and volunteer to fix it up. Forgetaboutit. Someone has to whine and snivel and it might as well as be me. Maybe it is just me. My comment was more to illustrate the fact that there are so many aspects of the entire complex and each year they grow and multiply exponentially causing money grabbing schemes to help quench the monetary thirst and it has gone so far as to cause the "Great and Knowing OZ of aviation" to prohibit vendors to giving thirsty EAA members from getting water without crawling for miles or paying beer prices for it. OK, so beer is mostly water, right? But fish don't do in beer what they do in water.

    I know it is difficult for some to hear complaints about EAA or AirVenture. There are devotees to EAA that have worshiped the grounds of AirVenture as if it were some "mecca". Actually in a way it is. I expect someday to see loyal EAA devotees whipping themselves with with a sjambok. My opinions, though negative, are not acts of blasphemy. After all, I have been a member for some 29 years and have attended 28 consecutive EAA AirVenture Fly-in's. That is no record by any stretch, but it should establish me as a member who has paid his dues, and some. Nobody has put a gun to my head yet and forced me to buy the $2.95 ice cream cones or pay $3.00 for a bottle of water, but making opinionated comments, (and that's all they are) although they may be negative, it does not damage the "credibility of the forums."

    Think how boring this forum would be if all you read here were praises of admiration and joy. Read between the lines, Hal, and remember that I'll be back next years with another bag of money to satisfy the voracious appetite that I too am guilty of enabling. Tell them next year that those damn ice cream cones are too big and that limits my beer consumption capability at Beer Venture. Those cute little bartenders there need their "piece of the action" also.

    Fly safe and I'll see you next year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treetop_Flyer View Post
    I took Stacy out for her birthday (July 26th) to the Vintage Cafe by Fratellos. We had the Bruschetta Chicken, Steak Fries, and the most amazing Oreo Cake I have ever had. Total bill was $62 with tip for the two of us. Not out of line at all with a restaurant and the food was great. So great in fact...we went back the next night to have Rib-Eye's to celebrate our Vintage Award. Again, that night it was $73 with tip since we had a few beers. Not out of line at all.

    Additionally, the service was fantastic! Our waiter the first night and waitress the second night were just fantastic. Really great people and fun to talk with.

    Finally, they had live music going each night. The guy on Thursday did a bunch of Jimmy Buffett stuff and, aside from forgetting the words to Margaritaville, he was really good. The girl on the piano the second night was not only cute, but man could she play and sing. Made the whole experience that much better.

    I'll definitely be eating at the Vintage Cafe in 2013. Those complaining about the cost...just means more open tables so I don't have to wait.
    Nobody's complaining about the cost of a Rib Eye steak at Vintage Cafe or the price of a beer there. I have eaten there before and will again.

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    Sometimes direction from on high can become distorted when placed in action by the common folk. Some discretion should be allowed and used by those who carry out such directives.

    While attending the Cub Vintage dinner on Wednesday night, I asked for an extra napkin to carry my dessert to a picnic table so I wouldn’t have to retrieve my used plate. I was told that I couldn’t have another napkin because they only had enough for each paying attendee to receive one. Apparently, everyone is trying to keep close tabs on costs because of a directive from on high. However, it is being interpreted in the extreme.

    At one restaurant in downtown Oshkosh along the river, I asked to substitute a baked potato for fries. I was told by the waitress that because this was EAA week, a directive had come down saying that no substitutes would be crafted all week. Because we were early, only about 20 % of the seats were filled. If they were full of people, I could maybe understand.

    If the situation warrants a change of a directive, I make the change. Those in charge need to understand that I don’t need to attend Oshkosh or that particular restaurant in future years. I have always tried to implement customer friendly policies if at all possible. Try to let staff members be a little bit flexible/friendly and not put the fear of God into everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveinindy View Post
    There's a reason why next year, I'm putting up an air conditioned tent back in Warbirds camping and offering water, snacks etc as a cooling station of sorts. After seeing multiple cases of heat exhaustion and one of heat stroke, screw the overpriced stuff. It will be free but if anyone wants to make a donation to offset the costs, etc it will be welcomed.
    I have my 20 X 25 tent air conditioned over at "BeerVenture" camping on Waukau by the Museum! Even though we have bikes or can thumb a ride on a golf cart anytime, we buy our water onsite. We usually ask for and get a big cup of ice to go with it. FWIW, we go through about 40lbs of ice a day in the 4 coolers we have in addition to the small fridge we have in the tent. We get the ice from the SOS bros. We use the melt water for washing stuff and coffee, etc. Next year we are bringing a small pool, lol. Our camping neighbors bring a 12' X 12' pool and have water trucked in from town, lol.

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