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Thread: 50th Annual PRA Rotorcraft Convention, All aircraft Welcome, July 31-Aug 4

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    Thumbs Up 50th Annual PRA Rotorcraft Convention, All aircraft Welcome, July 31-Aug 4

    Personal Rotorcraft Fly-In:

    Gyroplanes, Helicopters, Powered Parachutes - All Aircraft Welcome

    It has been called “The world’s greatest personal rotorcraft event.” Gyroplanes,
    (gyrocopters) helicopters and autogyros, including other sport and GA aircraft, will gather at the Mentone Airport (C-92), Mentone, Indiana, 12296-W and 600-S, July 31st Through August 4 for the 50th Annual Convention of the Popular Rotorcraft Association.

    This is a rare opportunity to see these unique flying machines, talk to the pilots, builders, kit manufacturers, and see them fly.

    The rotorcraft will range from simple open-frame ultralight gyroplanes and helicopters to multi-seat enclosed cross-country rotorcraft.

    Joining the rotorcraft this year will be the powered parachute EXTRAVAGANZA, with powered parachutes from across the United States.

    The convention keynote speaker will be Vance Breese, world-renowned motorcycle racer, who will be talking about his experiences learning to fly after his racing injury.

    This unique event has been presented every year for five decades. In recent years it has been held at the Mentone, Indiana airport, owned by the Popular Rotorcraft Association.

    All aircraft types are welcome to fly in, and a support crew will work to blend fixed-wing and rotarywing traffic parking. The airport has on-site space for tent camping, showers and also hookups for water and electricity for RVs. WIFI internet access available near PRA office.

    A concession stand provides food and beverage service. Local motels are available.

    Premium auto gas will be available for purchase on site and 100LL is available 7 miles away.

    Visitors will see daily flight demonstrations and open flying continuing throughout each day. Certified flight instructors will also offer demonstration rides for those who wish to experience the thrill of flight in a gyroplane. A variety of vendors will be present with everything from T-Shirts and wind socks to rotorblades and engines.

    Forums and workshops presented daily discussing many aspects of building and flying gyroplanes, helicopters and light sport aircraft. Cross-country events will be conducted after each daily pilot briefing.

    Convention visitors may visit the on-field Archimedes/LeRoy Hardee
    Museum of Homebuilt Rotorcraft, and take a tour of the Bell Helicopter Museum nearby.

    Register Here:
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