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Thread: Norm's Flying Boat UL Flight Test Progress

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    There are a lot of well proven ultralights out there and some at a very reasonable price. I have owned two ultralights since the early '90's and most people will say they are just for very local and short flights, and for the most part, that's true. But, I just watched a video of the 14 y/o kid that flew his Aerolight 103 758 mi. from Va. to A/V 2019. 32 stops and 7 days. Wow, low and slow ain't all that bad. I have decided to sell the parts that I have built for a CH-701, in 60 days I'll be 73 and I've decided I need to fly instead of build so I'm selling off some stuff to purchase something flying, or, at least close to flying. The desire to fly has been with me since I was a child, I got my PPL in 1974 but I'm still a low time pilot, maybe 200 hrs, and about half of that has been in the last 4 years. Don't give up, you know the thrill of flight, and it will always be with you.

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    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. When will you return to FL and will the aircraft remain in storage for the winter?

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    I am not sure about asking for help. Since, I am still not certain about making repairs. Yes the plane will remain in NH ,in storage. I will be returning to FL. around 9/10
    Without having some involvement with another interested person or persons . I have not got the drive to work on it.
    I have no industrial resources in FL. That would limit me to what resolve ,I could come up with. The plane still needs weight reduction.

    There will be a major house project to deal with in FL., before I consider moving the project.

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