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Thread: Norm's Flying Boat UL Flight Test Progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norman Langlois View Post
    New floats applied I hope the differences are all positive. The others originally tapered going aft then needed the upper 2 inch deck to have enough displacement to be stable. They became heavy,15#. These have more displacement and weigh less than 8# with the support frame , bare no fiberglass Attachment 7183Attachment 7184
    I like the rear float design with no bottom curved surface. It could possibly be improved with a step at the angle break. Keep that edge sharp, not rounded. Hope that works for you. If needed I can make further suggestions.

    Tell is more about the wheeled cart. Is it ground handling only?
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    Jedi to answer your question. The cart is for ground handling. It can be used for launch. It was used for that in the beginning. It was three wheel then and was unstable with wind conditions.
    I use the special trailer for direct launch and the cart is used to move from the trailer to the hanger (garage)
    If Oshkosh 18 is made possible for me. I will need to bring the cart ,the launch trailer will not be there with me.

    On the float I hope no additional step is required.The floats will quickly be above water.

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