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Thread: Who Ships Aircraft to Europe?

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    Who Ships Aircraft to Europe?

    **I am looking for information on shipping an aircraft to Europe. *I just sold a Midget Mustang and the buyer needs a good company that will "Safely" load/pack it in a container and ship to Europe. *
    **What is typically the cost of shipping?
    **Any help or info on experience with a shipper and contact information will be greatly appreciated.

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    Shipping to Europe

    I've just sold an RV-4 to Europe. It went to Skyview in Tracy CA for dismantling and shipping in a 20' container. About $4500 total I believe.
    A 40' container isn't that much more expensive. You could use any shipping company to supply the container and shipping and someone else to do the dismantling and packing (such as yourself).
    Packing should be good enough to prevent movement over a long and possibly rough sea crossing. Paperwork errors can cause significant delays. Packing materials (esp. timber) should be approved for the purpose.
    The biggest variable is the fuel cost, so you will only get an approximate estimate from a shipper.
    Costs from the East coast ought to be lower.

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