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Thread: Wanted - Dipper Amphibian plans

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    Wanted - Dipper Amphibian plans

    Hi all,

    Wondering if anyone has a set of Dipper Amphibian plans? The aircraft was built over an 18 year period by Willard 'Bill' Collins of Middletown, PA, using C-150 wings and tail parts. Here is a link and a picture of it to joggle any memories,

    I'd be happy with copies if they would be legible.
    Please email me direct to dodgedartgt(at)verizon(dot)net or call (Five 0 Three) - 4 Three 4 - Three 9 Five Five

    Thnx in advance,
    Mike in SW FL

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    I just joined the forums and saw your Dipper posting. My friend has a Dipper project well underway that he would like to sell. Includes good wings and tail assy, the fuselage stretch has been done. 0-360 complete engine and virtually all other tools and materials needed to complete included. Depending on location he may be able to deliver. All for $7000.00. He is somewhat computer adverse, but was A/P instructor at University level and an AI. He would be glad to detail what he has by phone or email: 918-787-5434

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