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Thread: Young Eagle flying lessons Merit Booster

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    Young Eagle flying lessons Merit Booster

    Hello everyone! As a former chapter president of EAA 1310, some kids just stand out. We had this girl and her parents that drove half way across the state to one of our young eagle events and she is incredible. She has been to about every aviation camp you can think of! Alyssa wants to be a aviation engineer / pilot and is taking classes at Yale at 15 years old. She just kept coming to our chapter functions and helping out so went sent her to EAA Air Academy Last year. Then she came back from Oshkosh with all of her pictures and did a great video presentation at our EAA chapter Christmas Party. She is in the final running for a internship with the EAA this summer. As a plus she is great on the computer and can make fantastic sales brochures for houses, airplane or boats. If you have any work for her like that send her a email. She might be able to help you out. She did a great job for me and helped sell my house. Thanks Alyssa! She needs a hand up but not a hand out. She is a good worker. Alyssa Mae Celone

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