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Thread: Black lines and dots on ForeFlight app map?

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    Black lines and dots on ForeFlight app map?

    Anybody know that this black line with dots indicates? I haven't seen this before.

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    Saw these associated with severe WX at KSDF on Monday afternoon. I wonder if they indicate squall line direction of movement and predicted distance traveled in a fixed unit of time. I'd welcome an informed response also!

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    Storm track movement along the line where each black dot represents 5 minute increments.

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    Thats good to know. I hope the blue dot wasnt your location in the air. I was at the Lancaster airport looking at an airplane when those tornadoes came through a couple of weeks ago. Should have had my ForeFlight.

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    The black dots represent the number of times the pilot said "That was stupid I'll never do that again" by the ten thousand mark.
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