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Thread: Ripon College Dorms

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    Ripon College Dorms

    I'm thinking about attending AirVenture this year and staying at Ripon College. I'll have a car so the distance from OSH isn't a concern. I've been to OSH before but this will be my first time staying in the dorm so I'm looking for some feedback regarding what to expect. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


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    Dorms---people coming and going all times of the night and day, loud music, smell of pot,vomit all over the bathrooms, drunken orgies all weekend, etc---Oh wait--that was 40 years ago---never mind


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    Sounds like I chose the right place to stay!

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    Ripon Dorms

    I stayed at Ripon in the dorms four different times while attending OSH. I never had any year my leg was giving me a lot of trouble and they kindly put me on the ground floor near the door...always a good breakfast thrown in with the very reasonable dorm rent. You won't be sorry you stayed there.

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    Nice place

    I stayed there two years ago and it was fine. Ripon is a quiet town at that time of year with not much going on but there are places close by to eat. The dorm room was a dorm room: small and spare but, for the price, not bad at all. Do remember to bring a fan as there is no a/c.

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    So is this college/dorm under the arrival to OSH? Seems like it may be?

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    For many years I would enter the Ripon VFR approach from the NW and maybe be a little south of Ripon College as I entered with my head swiveling and eyes rolling. It wasn't the aircraft that I could see, it was the ones I couldn't that was scary and they were there. Actually it worked out quite well and for me it was one of the highlights of the total Oshkosh experience. The "arrival" is an experience, to say the least.

    Once OSH ATC closed down the airport before I reached Fisk and all the aircraft had to divert to Fond du Lac. That was an exciting transition to say the least. It was like the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. There are a lot of "Arrival" stories, many of which I've observed from the North 40 or the patio of the "Charcoal Pit." Might make for an interesting thread. Less than 12 weeks to AirVenture 2012!

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    It's getting closer! Any other comments about the Ripon College Dorms?

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    I have not ever stayed in any of the available dorms, but have had friends that have done so.....bring a fan.
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