Piper Cub Display 2012 Vectern Dayton Air Show

Dear Rick,

This letter is written in follow-up to our recent meeting regarding you're having a Piper Cub 75th Anniversary display at the 2012 Vectren Dayton Air Show (VDAS) on July 7th and 8th. We think this display would be a great addition to the 2012 show. Please consider this letter as a formal invitation for you to participate in the show and proceed with organization. Outlined below is our general understanding and agreement on the display:

1. VDAS will permit one or more Piper Cub aircraft to be placed on static display. The number of aircraft will be determined at a later date depending on availability and aircraft owner interest. It is understood there may be different aircraft Saturday vs. Sunday. Piper Cub dealers are welcome to participate.

2. Aircraft will be positioned in the static display aircraft area on the show grounds. Typically this is a paved area, however, there are some excellent grass areas should that be deemed more desirable by owners. The number of aircraft and display size will determine the final location which is at the sole discretion of VDAS.

3. VDAS will plan to include a single aircraft flyby in the feature show on both Saturday and Sunday to recognize and celebrate the 75th Anniversary. VDAS announcers will provide a commentary during the flyby. The pilot participating in the flyby must be properly rated and qualified in the aircraft make and model. In addition, he or she must attend the show pilot briefing on Saturday and Sunday and sign the show FAA Waiver. Gary Hay, the VDAS Air Boss, will contact the pilot and discuss the flyby operation including applicable wavier conditions.

4. Piper Cub owner participants shall be permitted to hand out Piper Club tattoos and paper cubs to spectators.

ē www.daytonairshow.com

And, Cub pilots, who fly in to display their aircraft will receive VDAS Crew Center credentials. We can eat, talk with, and schmooze with the air show performers and military flight crews.

A drawing will be held to decide who gets to participate in the flyby each day. It will be a fun time for all Cub owners who can attend this show.

Itís another opportunity to show off your Cub during the 75th anniversary of the J-3 Piper Cub.

If you have any questions, use this forum or contact me at

Opening Ceremonies Begin at 10:30am
Flag Drop
Brazilian Air Force Smoke Squadron
J-3 Cub Salute
Gene Soucy Showcat
A-4B Skyhawk Demo
Tora Tora Tora
Misty Blues Skydiving
Michael Goulian
USAF Heritage Flight
Gene Soucy/Teresa Stokes Wingwalking
Sea Harrier Demo
P51 Quick Silver Demo
US Navy Blue Angel Fat Albert Demo Begins at 3:00 p.m.
US Navy Blue Angels Jet Demonstration