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Thread: Oshkosh 365 Log-In

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    Oshkosh 365 Log-In

    Since the release of Oshkosh365, I've had trouble logging in. On the main page, if I'd fill in my user and password on the left side and click Log-In it would simply take me to another page where I could log in. Same experience with the little "log-in" link at the top of the page. Then about a week ago, I clicked somewhere, found another "log-in" screen and as always I checked the "keep me logged in" check box (or whatever it says). Now after several years, when I go to Oshkosh365, I'm logged in automatically. I'm putting this out there because I suspect that there's a bug with the log-in script on that main welcome page. I've logged in with Chrome and IE and got the same results (Windows 7). Anyhow, I thought someone would like to know. I would try to reproduce the steps but I don't want to log out because I'm afraid I'll be going through the seven step log-in process for the next two years until I stumble upon the magic script that worked.

    Good luck and thanks for the site.

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    Hi Lost - Thanks for the info, I'll look into it.

    The behavior you describe (logging in only to be redirected to a second login) is something we see if you go to first, instead of The site should redirect you (from .com to the actual site at .org) but for some reason, that doesn't happen until after you make a login attempt.

    Thanks again for sharing your results!

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