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Thread: Let em eat lox !

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    Let em eat lox !

    I"m sure that all of us, Rep. or Dem. can find lot's of fault with our govt or the FAA or the stock market or the boss or whoever.

    But maybe we can take a little comfort in knowing that it could be worse, that there is a whole level below us.

    North Korea must be pretty much as low as you can go. They can't or won't have enough food to feed their people, the average person there has a hard time just getting enough to eat. Notice in the tv photos how thin people look, except of course, for the chubby little dictator.

    So not much joy in everyday living for the average person. But they might get an emotional or spiritual lift from seeing or at least hearing about their great rocket firing to celebrate the emperors birthday or something.

    And then, after a few moments the rocket fizzels out and falls into the sea.

    It's hard to get lower than that.
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    It gets even more like a cheap cartoon. Now the North Koreans have said they have the weapons to quickly destroy not only South Korea, but the U S.
    They had a parade where they displayed two of their big missiles or rockets on truck carriers. Then a couple of rocket experts in Germany came to the conclusion that the missiles were phonies, just mock ups.

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    You're never too poor to fight a war.

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