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Thread: DC-3 c-47 engines

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    DC-3 c-47 engines

    I need help I am doing research on a DC-3 and C47 and i have looked at the Maintance manuals and product lists but I can not seem for figure this part out. on many pictures there is what looks like a black rubber tube wraped around the fuel and oil lines. I need to know what this is and what the part number is or any information you might have. We think its a fire sleeve but doesnt make sence to only have short bits around the lines forward of the firewall. Any help would be awesome. my email is

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    Hi trigne - just FYI, I removed your other copy of this post; generally speaking, it's a little counterproductive to post the same thing in more than one place as it just fractures the conversation. As to your question, it'll be listed in the forum section of e-Hotline when it goes out tonight, so that whould hopefully get a lot more eyes on it and hopefully someone out there will have an answer for you.

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    I asked a friend of mine who was a C-47 mechanic during WWII and he said that you might be seeing pictures of a "jury rigged" repair that some mechanics used to minimize the leaks and to help get the planes back in the air ASAP.
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