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Thread: EAA Monthly Photo Contest - July 2012

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    corsair.jpgphoto taken by Joe Kanak EAA member 141025

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    This is a scan of a photo taken at the launch of STS-102, the Discovery on 03/08/01 at 0642 EST. It was the only space shuttle launch I had been to and it was a fantastic, multi-sensory experience, from the plume of flame and smoke to the roaring crackle of the rocket to the beautiful sunrise at launch time. My parents and I were watching it from the Florida coast along with several thousand other people. The launch viewing was a spur-of-the-moment activity, having had no pre-set vacation plans, but it was well worth getting up for the drive to the Cape from Venice, where my parents have their winter home.Top.jpg
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    A sunset flight on Lake Michigan over the sand dunes with push pull power. Photo taken with GoPro wing mounted.
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    Got to get me one of those - love that camera. I've got some cheap - camera done some video's but it's not as decent as the Go pro. Really makes a nice shot. I've been in quite a few of those push me pull me's.

    cool shot!

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    Here is a picture of my daughter in my 5151 Mustang . She sat there and played for about 2 hours while I was working on it . baileyMustang.jpg

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    2012-03-25 14.56.16.jpgAnother of my daughter

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    Picture from Sun n Fun a few years ago

    2012-05-05 20.44.28.jpgI took this and have it hanging on my wall .. I had to take a picture of the picture but you get the idea .

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    2012-05-06 20.03.06.jpgI got one more for you taken today . I went scuba diving with a buddy today and we came across a spring in the Gulf of Mexico near our house . We got out the metal detectors and found .50 cal rounds in the rocks and sand . Only explanation could be WWII training of some sort with aircraft .

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    My Avian Adventurer on Sunday at Te Kuiti New Zealand (NZTT) during my first solo cross country in the aircraft (Its still in testing and I only got cleared to fly it last week!) absolutely beautiful autumn flying conditions here with a nice big anticyclone sitting over the country. Blue skies, dense air unlimited visibility and great scenery - cant get much better than that! In the background, the Clubhouse of the local aero club used to be a Grandstand for the Horse racing track that was previously on the site.
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