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Thread: EAA Chapter 1246 1st Saturday Coffee & Donuts Video

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    EAA Chapter 1246 1st Saturday Coffee & Donuts Video

    It just gets better every month!

    el Presidente

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    Love the golf cart!! Looks like a great gathering of folks. So you have that many every time?

    65LA out of 07N Pennsylvania

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    Looks like all the "old dogs", "new dogs", and "real dogs" had a GREAT time!


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    We've been doing it every first saturday for over a year now. We are getting more and more people every weekend. We went through 7 dozen donuts and 2 large industrial size pots of coffee. Our chapter membership has grown because of it. Members bring their spouses and kids. It's an easy thing to put on. Just buy the donuts and put on the coffee, then stand back and watch the fun. It also encourages the members to get to know each other better. We get comments like "these are the friendliest bunch of people I've ever run in to". A real party atmosphere. People show up at 8:30 am and won't leave until noon. The fact that it's every first saturday is also a factor of it's success.
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