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Thread: IPad apps for W&B

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    IPad apps for W&B

    Anyone using an iPad app which you feel is acceptable for SEL up to 4000 # or so ? There are so many that searches become unweildy. Would like to hear from some SATISFIED users who are actually making use of their SW on a more than occasional basis. Thanks.....EDGEFLY

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    I have a really nice one for my Android device, but was having a difficult time find one that worked great on my iPhone. After a recent search revisiting that W&B app scene on iOS, I found Angell Development's WinB Pro v2.1. It has a nice collection of aircraft to start with (I fly a PA-28 Archer II) and covers several Beech Bonanza models, several Cessna 150-182 varieties, Cirrus SR20/22, Diamond DA20/40, Mooney M20C/J, Piper PA-28-140/161/180/181/R200, and Remos GX. They're also open to suggestions for other aircraft as well.

    I've had the Take Wing Computing version of the PA-28-181 W&B calc for a while, but it's way to easy to wipe out the empty weight/arm value, which is a pain. Luckily, it's locked into the W&B app on my Android device, but if I don't that phone along, well... bleh.

    Anyway, hope that helps! I think there's an iPad version of the app, but not entirely sure. But the iPhone app will work just fine on iPad, only at the phone's dimensions on the big screen.

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    I have been using WnB pro for some time. It took a while to set up as my aircraft was not a preconfigured aircraft (C140A) but is simple and intuitive to use once set. So I give it the thumbs up.

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    I looked at a couple of apps that seemed awkward. I have been using Sporty's E6b for iPad. It works great and saves as many weights and moments as you would like. You just need to update from the stored values to get new W&B.

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