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Thread: Recreating Aerol shock struts

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    Recreating Aerol shock struts

    I need to have some shock struts recreated.
    They are for the Ryan STA.
    I have complete drawings of the strut and all measurements. There is some welding, machining, heat treat and spring manufacture required,

    Could anyone suggest a good fabricator or shop who might take on these assemblies at a reasonable rate?

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    Uh, your profile and your post don't give us a clue as to where you are. Is this aircraft certificated or experimental exhibition?

    Best of luck,


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    yes, that may help...

    I am located in Dubai, in the Middle East, but the STA project, (and me) are soon to move to Ontario Canada. I am working towards an experimental Ryan STA replica, with a Gipsy Major engine. I have quite a few parts, but I will need these struts soon as we are building new gear legs.

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    Pete: I know someone that might be interested. Let me drop him an email and see.

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    If you would like, feel free to contact me. I can take a look at the drawings and see if it is something I would be able to help you with. I've been machining and fabricating components for the Staggerwings as well as a Lockheed Electra restoration. If you would like I can send you pictures of the landing gear components I have built and repaired for the Staggerwings. I've also been making dual control yokes with new cast control wheels for Staggerwings.



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    Hi Pete,
    Did you find a shop to build your parts? If not, I might be able to help. My shop specializes in making these kind of parts. If I can help, here's my contact information: Vintage Airworks, 262-914-9589, e-mail
    Thank you,

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