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Thread: Dog rescue pilots wanted

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    Dog rescue pilots wanted

    There was a huge bust of a fighting ring of dogs in Cleveland, and EAA Chapter 1252 is trying to help save 2 of the dogs by getting them moved to a welcoming rescue in Austin, TX. The rescue coordinator - Julie - has put in her request to Pilots and Paws and to Animal Rescue Flights, but so far there don't appear to be many pilots on the middle-of-the-country leg.

    We need a few good pilots to cover the middle of the country. (it's tax deductible)

    Here is what we have so far:

    This thing is shaping up now for 3/25. Please feel free to forward to other pilots you may know in the areas where we still have TBD.

    Leg #1: CLE to Cincinnati area (~200nm) - Eric (me)

    Leg #2/3: Cincinnati area to Memphis - (maybe two legs here, about 350nm direct).

    -- Cincinnati to Nashville (~200nm) - TBD

    -- Nashville to Memphis (~171nm) - TBD

    *Eric can stretch and do CLE to Louisville if someone else can stretch and then do Louisville to Memphis (~278nm)

    Leg #3: Memphis to Texarkana (~225nm) - Mark

    Leg #4: Texarkana to Houston (~231nm) - TBD.

    Paul Koziol

    Membership Coordinator
    EAA Chapter 1252

    Cleveland Wing CAF

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    I copied and posted this on VansAirforce, maybe they have some helpers over there.
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    There was a huge bust of a fighting ring of dogs in Cleveland
    That's what they get for letting Michael Vick out of prison.....
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    I have flown for Pilots N Paws. WX permitting (I'm not quite yet IFR certified), I could handle the Texarkana-Houston leg (I'm based at Pearland Regional (KLVJ) SE of Houston, or a Texarkana-Austin leg.

    Stephen Wade Roberts
    1977 Cessna 177B Cardinal II
    Pearland (TX) Regional Airport (KLVJ)
    cell: 312-806-8928

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    Dog rescue pilots wanted


    We could POSSIBLY cover the Cincy (or preferably Dayton) to Memphis leg in our Seneca (need to exercise the plane and pilot anyway), HOWEVER it would have to be 24 March or sooner, or after 1 April.


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    I had no idea that rescue dogs were licensed to be pilots, or that there was a hiring press for them!

    (bump for the puppies)
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    We can help with any Midwest flight. Currently can do the 25th. We have a new c206 and can leave out seats 5/6. Should easily permit dog carrier. Instrument rated. Call my wife kathy at 573-270-1431 or 618-776-5782 to arrange.

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    Thank you all for your offers to help! Since the dogs are here in CLE where I live, I've been helping the coordinator (Julie) get this thing moving. We have a page setup to track what's happening and what's needed: These dogs need to move more than 1,000nm and we almost have it made! Mark, if you can do Louisville to Memphis - that's a haul - or Louisville to just Nashville, we'd have this thing booked. I'll have Julie give you a call.

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