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Thread: Citabria front seat

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    Citabria front seat

    I am intereststed in purchasing a new front seat for a citabria 7kcab that has not had the seat AD compiled with, but cannot locate a supplier. Just wondering if anyone ere knows where I could locate a new seat. Thanks

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    Likely the only supplier of a new seat is American Champion Aircraft in Wisconsin. They have a web site. One of the salvage yards might be able to supply a used seat to replace your currently cracked/worn seat.

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    Give these folks a call

    I bought some used parts from them a few years ago when I had a Citabria.

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    Possible Information Source

    You might try the Bellanca-Champion Club at:

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    American Champion should be able to sell you a new seat but I believe I modified a few of those some years ago. It wasn't that hard. Talk to your local A&P/IA about someone doing the weld mod under his/her supervision....assuming you still have a serviceable /modifyable seat

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