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Thread: Toronto Revisited - Real vs Simulated Comparison

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    Toronto Revisited - Real vs Simulated Comparison

    Join me as we fly over Toronto, Ontario, Canada and compare real world video of downtown Toronto details to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The current version of Flight Simulator (initially released on August 18, 2020) enters its second year with improvements from 5 sim updates and 6 world updates, bringing the simulator to higher levels of detail and realism. I fly a Vans RV9A in real life and the TBM 930 in the Flight Simulator for this video. ForeFlight guidance provided the flight path for identical approaches over the centre of Toronto. GoPro cameras capture forward, wing and ground views.
    See my latest video here at The Flight Level
    Toronto Revisited - Real vs Simulated

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    I've liked your comparisons previously and this one is really impressive. Have you tried to fly the TBM to it's range predictions? I flew it to Kansas City one day and tried out all the anti-icing. And later thought maybe that was what hit my range. Sorry! A flight from Texas to South America found me making an intermediate stop on a runway that was paved but not with taxiways. My original interest in Panama was to explore how well the simulator portrayed the sea height on the East and West approaches to the Canal. Lack of facilities on the Atlantic side prevented that. Wow! what a way to fly! I'm sorry I can't make public comments. Name calling and blocking and even being dropped from groups in Facebook Keeps me in the more technical aspects of computing. Do you know TORCHI, the Toronto Regional Computer Human Interface group in Association of Computing Machinery? Or way back SIAM, the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics? They were Canadian. One of the oddest names I was called in the late 70's was "Jack Benny Jr.", maybe because he died in 1974 and Rochester died in 1977.

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