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Thread: Where did my passion for aviation begin?

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    I was 6 years old playing out in front of our Oakland Ca home when all
    of a sudden from the clear blue sky came a deep syncopated beat and
    all the windows in the neighborhood began vibrating in harmony... the
    din was so strange... my eyes looked up to behold a B36 in a bank for
    Alameda... from my perspective I thought the wing tip was about to
    strike the top of the telephone pole... I ran for cover fearing the
    end... I have been hooked on aviation ever since... I still feel that level
    of awe and excitement looking up today...

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    God, I remember having that airplane! Where did you find it? I'd love to buy one for my nephew.

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    I don't own one, I just searched an old memory and Google found the picture for me ...but.... Ebay has everything - got a spare Benjamin?
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