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Thread: Day 5 back home - an AirVenture recap

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    Day 5 back home - an AirVenture recap

    Five days have passed since I left Oshkosh and returned home to Chicago. It feels like it was a hundred years ago and only 10 minutes ago at the same time. AirVenture for ME is a life affirming event in which I am privileged to participate every year. I will keep coming as long as I am physically able to do so. From the conductor's seat you get to interact with wonderful people from across the globe, watch amazing pilots demonstrate their skills, see all the new aviation related toys, gizmos and flying machines, and see the entire aviation community mostly at its best.

    I would not trade the adventure that AirVenture is for me for anything else. As I have said all my 72 years - "I do luv me some airplanes." And where on Earth could that luv be felt greater and shared more than at that small airport in a small town in Wisconsin for 9 glorious days each year?

    THANK YOU EAA for allowing me to receive and share the simple joy that is flight. It truly is a wonder.

    See y'all in 2022.
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    Well said. I look forward to that week all year long, and our time in Oshkosh never seems to be long enough.

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