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Thread: Military Aircraft and Awards

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    Military Aircraft and Awards

    Admittedly I have not paid much attention to the post show awards announcement in the past but this caught my eye…
    Judges’ Choice: Military Transport
    United States Air Force
    Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
    Boeing C-17A Globemaster III, 02-1099

    So, when did this start and why do US government aircraft rate an award? Aren’t US military aircraft in attendance by invite only? Are all branches of the military equally represented? Do the major aircraft manufacturers get a opportunity to have their hardware equally represented?

    Hmm now let’s think about this…the C-17 was the only military transport aircraft in attendance. Really guys???
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    I look at it as a participation award. Which means I basically don't pay any attention to it.

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    In that case, I object to the fact the MH-47G in attendance didn't win, as it (this particular airframe) has actually been to the "x" and transported warfighters to the objective instead of just the AOR!

    It is the de facto "Military Transport"!

    I'm no C-17 hater, but as a "hooker", let's be real...

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