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Thread: Airventure: Good, Bad, and Ugly

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyfixer8 View Post
    As for the routes and stops, if someone had actually asked the people who operate the tram system what they would suggest instead of a bunch of college kids who had never been to Oshkosh before then maybe the stops on blue line would have been better. We were told that Vintage wanted the stop by Spencers and Subway eliminated because it caused problems there.
    At the Vintage town hall meeting I asked the president of Vintage if there had been any consultation between Trams and Vintage. Her reply was a succinct, "NO".

    Given the number of attendees and Vintage Flightline volunteers that need to get to the Vintage Hangar and Red Barn every day, there is no way in hell that anyone in Vintage would have requested that the tram stop be removed. If this year's Tram route was the result of the UW analysis, apparently no one thought to consult the stakeholders before implementing it.

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    apparently no one thought to consult the stakeholders before implementing it.”
    Ya think!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airmutt View Post
    apparently no one thought to consult the stakeholders before implementing it.”
    Ya think!
    I would offer "At least they tried." Seriously. The good thing is it ain't locked in for perpetuity.

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    Ya but it is a little bit of a head scratcher how someone concluded: Vintage, they don’t need a stop and the yellow line should be like 50 feet long, the blue line is like a mile out to southern end of the airport and the red line is like a mile to the north 40. It was better as it was in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEdwards View Post
    Surprised I haven’t seen comments on the new approach procedures this year.
    My flight of three RVs flew in from Utah and all the new Visual Points are along our last leg from Fairmont MN to Ripon so we didn't have to fly 50 miles out of our way to get to the first new point. In fact, we probably overflew those points in prior years. (ATIS did say the Green Lake arrival was currently in effect.) We arrived on the Thursday before opening day and traffic was extremely light so I kept the flight at cruise speed until we neared Ripon. The Fisk controller was very welcoming and asked which runway I preferred.
    After the handoff to Tower, I got the request to rock wings, we landed on rwy 27 in short order. Tower welcomed us to Oshkosh, asked where we were parking, and had us exit the runway to the left after telling us the grass was rolled smooth.
    A ground control scooter rolled up with a sign telling us to monitor ground on xxx.yy. I did so and heard nor saw another controller so I nav'd us to taxiway P where we were picked up by a another scooter and then on to HBC for the next 10 days.

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