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Thread: Day 8 of 9 is done......sigh

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    Day 8 of 9 is done......sigh

    It's always a little sad for me when I'm down to just one more day. I do luv me some entertaining, airplanes and AirVentures. And tram conducting allows me to feed those passions to the max.

    I worked the rather dull Purple Route today. Long and boring with little of interest to see pretty much says it all. From 8:00 a.m. when we started as the sole Purple tram till we clocked out at 2:00 I'm certain we did not carry more than 50-75 people in total. I'm lead to believe the route gets full when the vendors close and their staff then use the tram to get back to their parking lot?

    'Bug Out' Saturday lived up to its name and the Homebuilt planes still on the ground noticeably reduced with every tram run.... not surprising.

    For tomorrow I have volunteered to work an extended single shift - 8:00a.m. till they close operations. which normally happens at 3:30-4:00 p.m. on these final Sundays. Then it's my way on the highway back to Chicago and my 'hood a couple miles East of Midway Airport. Oh joy - lol

    So report 'Day 9 of 9' will happen after I get home, perhaps not till Monday morning.

    So until then -

    "I always try to be someone who finds the positive in a negative. My girlfriend went to see the doctor. He said she has worms.... so I took her fishing."


    "Like they always say, when one door closes, another opens... but other than that it's a pretty good used car."


    "If you can't read or write? Ain't no point in you buying Alphabet Soup, is there?"

    ps. - Yes, we still were asked roughly 14 trillion times, "Does this tram go to Warbirds?" all thanks to the absence of a simple sign letting folks know. I do NOT blame folks for not knowing, I blame EAA for not telling them.
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