I had a blast at AV21' but I must say it felt lacking in a few areas but better in others. Flyin and camping attendance seemed through the roof! Spectator attendance seemed a little less than past years. The car/golfcart/utv traffic going down the road through vintage seemed lighter which is a big plus. Trams ran pretty well and the welcome wagon is always a saving grace. Cell/Wifi reception was better, charge ports everywhere, lots of hand cleaning stations. Years past flying in on the Saturday or Sunday before the show could be a challenge. The food vendors usually weren't open and the trams weren't running. This year that was not a problem!

The only negative I have is the airshow and the lack of aerial activity throughout the day. Years past there was always planes going overhead. Doing photo ops, sky typing, bomber passes etc that I didn't see as much of this year. I think weather played a part but just didn't seem as active. I will admit, the airshow doesn't do much for me any year but especially this year. Maybe I'm just getting too used to the same routines every year. I felt like two and three years ago there was more variety.

There are only two things that I could think of that would really improve the experience:
1. Ice machines in the campgrounds. Something like you see in a lot of towns now where you pay and it dispenses ice into a bag. I know HBC has ice for sale but they aren't always available when you need it.

2. A tram or something that ran from the campground to the red barn or various other camping supply places. There are ones that get close, or you can jump onto multiple modes of transportation to get there. It would just be a nice perk to have one that ran once an hour straight there and straight back.