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Thread: WiFi at Oshkosh

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    WiFi at Oshkosh

    WiFi seems to be working better this year. Good, strong, relatively fast link at the north end of the South 40.

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    I agree. We are at 23rd st. and Lindburgh, and it's defiinitely better than 2019. Have to disconnect/reconnect occasionally, but overall, much better. In 2019, we had to use my phone as a hotspot. Have not done that yet this year.

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    Agree. Much better this in the homebuilt area.


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    I think it really varies. In HBC, it was OK, if occasionally slow. On the other hand, on Tuesday evening, we were in Scholler on Stits, trying to pull up a map of the campgrounds to find some friends, and it was a no-go. The bandwidth just wasn't there.

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    If you can't find wifi, just look for one of the bizillion little privileged boys or girls walking around with their heads down in their phones all the while bumping into things. Their mommies and daddies have provided them with the latest apple phone and unlimited data. They will give you directions, but, you will have to listen to a lot of "ya know", "uh, what", "uh, wait a minute" and endless "like, uh, what?" phrases. On occasion they will conjugate a verb, but not often.

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    I'm s glad I'm not tied to my phone. Not worried bout wifi, I'm at Oshkosh to escape the rest of the world.

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