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Thread: Aeroshell cow posters.

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    [QUOTE=tnathan;85466]I called shells marketing group a year or so ago. I got some intern and she was nice but never did anything. I was hoping to get reprints of some of the years that I missed and figured they would be happy to oblige since it builds customer good will.

    At first the internet was opotomistc and said she would get back to me. She said they use to sell the posters in their boutique but they have since closed it. I said I would be happy to buy back issues if they would sell them to me. Or, if shell has no interest could I get a copy of the files that I could send to a printer to make me a duplicate. Or, if they want to control the file, if they would send the file to a printer I would pay the printing costs. She said she would check. I followed up a few times and never heard anything again.

    If you search on the internet, there are also some old discussions that shell would post the poster as a pdf on their site for download. Those links are all long gone now. So, sheíll at one time had the electronic files and would let the public make copies.

    Not sure why they wonít make these available. I wasnít into them when I started going to oshkosh. Now I would like to fill out my collection for the years I was there but just canít find them anywhere.


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    I appreciate the insight. I'm sure they have better things to do than track down posters for everyone. I was just hoping maybe I'd missed their booth and might still have a chance at a poster. Doesn't seem that way though. Bummer. The posters are fun! The posters I'm most proud of are the posters I've collected from the marathons I've run over the years and the Airventure cow posters. Quite a few hanging in my office at home.

    Well, amongst all the other draws, I'll just add it to the list of reasons to return to Airventure next year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airmutt View Post
    On a similar note, I was disappointed to not get a Champion 2021 sticker with my wristband when it showed up and just assumed they were a victim of COVID. During the show I was told they werenít available at Admissions. Fortunately I volunteered to help break things down and it was offered to me. I know some people were disappointed that they didnít score one.
    I went to the Champion booth and was told to go to admissions. Really ticked I missed out. Later in the week I saw a crumpled up sticker, so I know that SOMEONE had em.

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    I do not buy oil at OSH due to the weight of getting it home. I DO get Cow Posters and AeroShell swag at the booth and at the Aviator Club. This year nothing. I have enough oil for two changes then switching to Philips. And no, not because they weren’t there but based upon my engine manufacturer and several shops.

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    I have always stuck with shell because of the goodwill towards the ga community, but since they werenít there this year I stopped by Philips. Figured if sheíll was pulling back from GA, I should find out what else is out there. Philips rep made a completely different recommendation. So not sure which way I will go. Just wish shell would sell me some back years of posters.

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