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Thread: Anybody done the B-17 ride out of Appleton?

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    If memory serves, Yankee Lady.
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    Yankee Air Museum's B-17 Yankee Lady​ will be selling rides this year during AirVenture.

    Quote Originally Posted by thellmer View Post
    Which B-17 is pre-selling rides out of KATW? As far as I know, Aluminum Overcast is still grounded and not giving rides during AirVenture.

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    Circling back to answer my own question.
    I decided to book on Berlin Express rather than Yankee Lady for several reasons. YL seemed to fly rather sporadically, Like 2 or 3 flights per day, versus the hourly trips on BE. BE money stayed in EAA, where YL money was going to YAM. Speaking of money, the BE flight was over $100 less for essentially the same experience. I wanted to fly on WWII bomber, 17 or 25 didn't really matter to me.

    As for booking times, I booked on Tuesday morning for a flight on Thursday afternoon. While waiting for my flight on Thursday, they were booking for Saturday. So the lead time was about 2.5 days, if interested. And you should be, the flight was unforgettable.

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