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Thread: Slooooowwwwww J-3 on the VFR Arrival

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    Slooooowwwwww J-3 on the VFR Arrival

    Hello Friends,

    I am debating whether flying our J-3 on the VFR arrival is advisable, and am looking for comments from those who have done the slow-speed arrival.
    Per the NOTAM, I intend to arrive at FISK between 7-730am on Sunday (25th) morning. The airplane really can't plan for better than 65-68kts.
    I don't want to ruin the show for the 90kt traffic trying to make it inbound behind us. Does anyone have some helpful input on the matter?

    Many thanks!

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    EAA/FAA really need to get this figured out. There is a... spirited... discussion about this over on PoA. I say spirited because almost ALL the convos on PoA are spirited but it's actually good conversation from folks that can't really slow their airplane down to 70 or so, and it creates a LOT of problems.

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    I was going to suggest the ultralight arrival, but "Should not be a type certificated Vintage aircraft such as a Cub, Champ, etc." or even a Pietenpol.

    I swear, sometimes it looks like the EAA is actively looking for ways to cause accidents.

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    Be the first in line over Fisk at 0700. Request 18L or 36R.

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    First off, what I am about to suggest......I have NEVER tried. Each year, I get to OSH a day earlier than the last year. If I live long enough, soon I will be arriving the day after OSH ends (for the next event). . Anyway, our 195 group straddles the Magoo taxiway so we get a good view of 18/36 but can also see 27 arrivals. I am usually all set up by 6p so I am enjoying the fact that I have ARRIVED. One thing I have noticed is that at time of the day (6 ish, to closing time), sometimes I think I could go out and take a nap on 18/36, the traffic is that sparse......same with 27. I used to arrive on Sunday, then moved that to Saturday, then to Friday, and this year most likely Thursday because frankly, I am concerned about the now 40 mile long conga line. (I will buy anyone a steak dinner in Tahiti if we have that next year. ) So, bottom line, that evening arrival might be something to consider. Still plenty of daylight in central Wisconsin. Just my .02 worth. On edit, this would only work for days prior to opening. I doubt it could work on days that have the post air show glut of departures and arrivals.......others my have a different take on that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inspector Fenwick View Post
    ...Anyway, our 195 group...
    Just a total sidenote: if you see someone wandering around your 195 group ogling and drooling (promise, no drool on the airplane!) that would be me, a fellow MO-ian (St. Louis). Simply one of the most beautiful planes around. Definitely a bucket list airplane.

    Safe travels to OSH, perhaps we'll cross paths.

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    A surprising number of Cubs, Champs, and other low-n-slow aircraft end up parking in Vintage, so it can be done. But as one who has had to go flaps-30 and hang it on the prop behind an aircraft doing the best he could on the Fisk approach, I know it is very sub-optimal. One would think that EAA&FAA could work out a better solution than for Cubs to get an IFR arrival reservation...

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    I second being at Fisk at 0700. Traffic is light first thing and the arrival is easy. I have also done the NORDO arrival at 0700. Even easier. Only saw one other airplane on final. You have to write in.

    That said, as a courtesy to the other pilots a Cub driver might consider arriving at Fisk at the fastest cruise speed that you can stand. There is no law of physics that says you have to slow down before short final.

    Best of luck,


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    Quote Originally Posted by steve View Post
    Be the first in line over Fisk at 0700. Request 18L or 36R.
    Do they ever assign 18L? There's nothing in the NOTAM about it.

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    Same from this Southeast Missourian. 195's are a beautiful bird!

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