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  1. Help- need nsi ea-81 subaru ignition isolation module

    I have the Simultaneously Firing Dual Ignition system by NSI. One of the six-post isolation modules failed causing engine to run very rough on B-only. A-only or both works fine. Appears that two of...
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    I have the same problem

    I have an NSI EA-81 Subaru with the NSI dual ignition that just went bad. Problem seems to be one of the isolation modules. So far cannot find a replacement. Dug out the potting compound and am...
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    Subaru nsi isolation module

    I need an isolation module for the NSI dual ignition system on my EA-81. NSI part number was 101-17200-00. Two are used between the 8 wires from the 4 coils (each feed 2 plugs) and the 4 plugs. ...
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