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  1. Solidworks 2020-2021, Can't see part. Can only see shadow.

    The internet was showing how Solidworks 2020-2021 student version users were having this problem, so I thought I would post a solution I found here. Go to
  2. Is there a SW version offered with EAA that will work on a 2 - 2.6 GHZ?

    :confused:My HP Envy Laptop with a 64 bit 2 -2.6 processor, runs Win 8.1 pro, has an NVDIA video and 12 GB ram. It was running AutoCad up through 2017.

    Processor : Intel Core i7-4510U CPU...
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    Hi Cory: I am a relatively new EAA member and...

    Hi Cory:
    I am a relatively new EAA member and would like to download Solidworks onto my 64 bit 2014 computer - that has been used for a 2014 competing CAD program in the past so I'm expecting my...
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