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  1. FS: Engines & Accessories, Radios New & Used Condition, Wheel Pants

    I am not the owner of these items but I have agreed to help sell them as the actual owner travels and is frequently out of pocket.

    All items are used unless noted otherwise and all used was in...
  2. FS: Whelen Nav/Strobe Lighting System - REVISED

    SOLD - Two A650-PG/PR Wingtip Strobe Lights, one A500 Tail Position/Strobe Light, one 01-0770028-05 Model HDACF remote-mounted power supply and approximately 60 foot of cabling.
    Power supply was...
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    FS: Com & Transponder Radios

    1) - Narco AT150 TSO s/n#36532 w/tray - $175 or Best Offer
    1) - Narco AR-850 Altitude Reporter s/n#81206 - $155
    or Best Offer
    1) - New Icon IC-A210 s/n#2103422 w/tray - $975
    or Best Offer
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    FS: Two Seperate Hatz Classic Projects

    Hatz Classic serial #790 original plan set - Hatz fuselage, main gear legs, Matco tail wheel, tail feathers and some fuselage formers. Over 4350 hours on builders log for this project between June of...
  5. FS: 0-320-A2B Zero Time Sense Major Overhaul

    Includes rebuilt carb, Sky-Tec 149-12PM starter, vacuum pump, 0.010 oversize steel cylinders and vetterman 2-1 exhaust. PM for more info. Asking $17,000 OBO.
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    FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - M76A M-2

    SOLD -This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks, dings or scratched on blades. Pics available on request. Buyer responsible...
  7. FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - 74DM7-0-54

    SOLD - This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks or dings on blades. Buyer responsible of shipping. Asking $1,700 OBO.
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    SOLD - Sensenich Reconditioned 74DM6-0-58

    SOLD - No damage history. This prop was reconditioned by Western Aircraft Propeller in April of 2010 and never reinstalled on project. Excellent condition. Asking $3200 OBO. Buyer responsible for...
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    FS: RV-4 Project in East Texas (3F9)

    Horizontal and Vertical stabilizers, Rudder, Trim Tab,Elevator, and Gas Tanks completed. Wings 80% completed. Longerons, control rods, gear box, landing gearincluded. Predrilled kit. Asking $9000...
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    FS: Wheel, Brake & Axle Assemblies

    6.00" Wheels & Brake assemblies with 7/8" Dia Axle, Matco Reservoir, Master Cylinders & assorted fittings. Asking $200
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    Preceptor N3 Pup - Rigging

    Can anyone direct me to rigging instructions/procedures for the N3 Pup?
  12. Cleveland Wheel Grease Seals & Felt Seals

    Over purchased Seals for 500-5 Cleveland Wheels (4 ea) 153-00800; (2 ea) 154-00600; (1 ea) 153-00300. $65 for all. I accept PayPal.
  13. Piper Top Cowl Assembly - PA20, PA-22 Univair #U13158-000

    PRICE REDUCED This is a NEW top Cowl assembly, never installed for a PA20 or PA22. It contains the top, left and right sides of the cowling. Buyer responsible for shipping. New price-$1250 – Sale...
  14. NEW Piper Nose Bowl Assembly - PA20, PA-22, PA-25 Univair #U13778-000

    SOLD - New, painted sky blue. More pics available onrequest. REDUCED Sale Price $1050
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    Correction to User Name

    I had not been able to login for quite some time and finally realized it was because I had misspelled my user name. Is there a tool for me to change or correct my user name or can one of the...
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