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    Westfall negative stagger biplane

    I discovered Westfall negative stagger biplane in Sport Aviation of october
    and found that this cabin biplane was great, I couldn't resist to draw a
    microlight-LSA variant with a VW 2180 70HP...
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    Light four seater with 130HP Viking engine

    Proposal for a light 2+2 seater. Useful load 840lbf. V-tail is inspired by the Davis DA-2

    Some specs...
  3. Angle of incidence with help from Snorri...

    Angle of incidence with help from Snorri Gudmundsson book

    Wing 6G neutral flaps CG 15% Chord...
  4. Use of the monospar wing, with thin walled closed...

    Use of the monospar wing, with thin walled closed (birch ) section

  5. 2 cells with tube web internal shear resisting pattern


    I didn't know if it was a 3 cells web, you have to make the spar junction with the upper and
    bottom wing surface (or leading edge). What is your opinion about it ?
    I put the .png on...
  6. London City Airport in Vincent Van Gogh landscape

    Hello to you all,

    Perhaps you know France from fine wines and food specialities. Salon-eyguières local
    airport is running toward privatization in the Natural regional Park of Provence
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