View Full Version : EAA Chapter wanting to use FSX Steam and Virtual Flight Academy

John von Linsowe
02-13-2020, 01:39 PM
We have the hardware with X-Plane installed but now are looking into FSX Steam + VFA to enhance our Young Eagles program.

1. Does the licensing allow an EAA Chapter to use the software (Both FSX and VFA) installed on one computer but used by members and non-members?

2. After installation does the software require an internet connection every time it is started for licensing purposes? We do not normally have an internet connection at our chapter facility.

3. Has any other chapter done this before?

Thank you for any response.

John von Linsowe
Chapter 77

02-24-2020, 06:29 AM
I can possibly help with question 2.
If your chapter has 501(C) 3 status, look up the Mobile Beacon internet service at techsoup.org. The price is very reasonable. You do need to be in an area with Sprint cell service.

Chapter 1310 received a donation of CIRRUS II flight sim controls last year. It’s an older version with serial a interface. The original computer it came with was running Windows 95 and 32 MB RAM. It wouldn’t start since the soldered BIOS battery was dead. I tried swapping the hard disk to a newer computer. That brought back some memory about working with config.sys and interrupt settings. It also needed patches for running on a computer with more than 512 MB RAM, and faster than 2 GHz.
Right now we have it mostly working on a Windows XP computer running MS Flight Simulator 2004.
We’re looking at the possibility of getting it configured to become a certified sim.

06-12-2020, 07:44 AM
Paul, I have a Redbird TD2 with all the upgrades (2017) including the expanded monitors and upgraded rudder pedals; including the Redbird Table. It has 2 Acrylics with the G1000. I am no longer keeping my instrument rating current (older guy :) ) and would like it to be put to good use instead of sitting idle. It does not require an internet connection unless an upgrade is being downloaded. Let me know if you think you could use it at your chapter. Shipping could be an issue because there are a lot of components but I'm certain that can be dealt with.

Bob Hirschfield